Can your weight affect your success?

The Big Debate: Overweight people may be missing out on jobs and promotions as bosses term them 'lazy'

Overweight people are more likely to be passed over for jobs and promotions as bosses assume they are lazier than their co-workers, a recent study revealed. 

Obese employees earn less than other staff and are more likely to suffer from bullying in the workplace.

The survey of 2,000 people was conducted by Slimming World and included over 200 bosses.

25 per cent of male bosses said they would turn down an overweight applicant, and one in ten had actually done so.

Jacquie Lavin of Slimming World, said: “This provides one of the greatest indictacations of the scale of obesity discrimination in the workplace.”

So what do you think of this weighty issue? Have you experienced size-ism in the work place? Is it a problem destined to get worse? Perhaps you agree that weight says a lot about a person and their abilities?

Whatever your opinion, however controversial, Marie Claire would like to hear from you by posting your comments below.




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