‘Suffragettes’ rush parliament in Westminister demonstration

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  • Helen Pankhurst and top feminist demonstrators ask MPs to put feminism at the heart of politics.

    Great granddaughter of Emeline Pankhurst, Helen Pankhurst, has united with political group UK Feminista in a mass lobby of parliament today, continuing the fight for equality for women.

    Dubbed the ‘unfinished revolution’, over 200 representatives from feminist and women’s rights groups gathered today at Westminister to urge politicians to make women’s needs and concerns more central to government policy making,

    The rally, which included a performance from the ‘Olympic Suffragettes’ who took part in Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony, responds to recent suggestions that spending cuts and actions have affected women disproportionately.

    Elli Moody of UK Feminsta said: ‘Abortion rights are under threat and the government’s cuts are eroding women’s economic independence.’

    UK Feminista further claim that women are outnumbered four to one in parliament, and that the full-time gender pay gap is 15 per cent.

    ‘Lobbying parliament today is as urgent and vital as it has ever been,’ said Dr Pankhurst. ‘Women and men coming together on one day in a mass lobby of parliament is a perfect way to remind our leaders that we expect more from them.’


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