Saudi Arabia's Shura Council To Debate Issue Of Female Driving Ban

Council has accepted a petition on controversial female driving ban

saudi arabia women
saudi arabia women
(Image credit: SIPA PRESS/Rex Features)

Council has accepted a petition on controversial female driving ban

Saudi Arabia's Shura Council looks set to discuss one of the country's most controversial laws - the female driving ban.

The council, which admitted female members for the first time in February, has accepted a petition calling for the ban to be lifted.

Three thousand Saudi citizens, including academics and writers, have signed the petition in order to drive through a historic change in the law.

A press statement by campaigner Abdulla Alami reads: 'The human rights and petition panel of the Shoura Council has studied the petition and has decided that the issue of women driving should be opened for debate on the floor of the house.'

A Shura member said a specialised panel will decide whether or not the ban should be lifted.

Former council member Mohammed Al-Zulfa first raised the issue in 2006. He said: 'I call on the newly appointed women members of the council to join forces and to strongly discuss the subject.

'I support the move to allow our women to drive in the capacity of being a Saudi citizen.'

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, visited the female council members on Saturday. Stating her approval, she said 'I am so impressed. You are all so clever and well-educated and are blazing such a trail.'



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