Is This What The World Would Be Like If Men Had Periods?

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  • Just imagine a world where men had menstrual cycles...

    The world would be very different if men had periods. They’d be proud of their PMT outbursts, football pundits would discuss at length how a player’s cycle affected their on-pitch performance and tampons would be made with Nasa-approved technology.

    That’s according to a brilliant new campaign by WaterAid. The #IfMenHadPeriods campaign hopes to highlight the 1.25 billion women who don’t have access to a toilet during their periods and the stigma women around the world experience during their menstrual cycles.

    WaterAid head Barbara Frost said: ‘Every day 800 million women have their period, and yet most of us consider it an embarrassing and taboo subject. There are even elaborate euphemisms to avoid saying the word ‘period’.

    ‘Menstruation is an important women’s issue. One in three women around the world do not have access to a toilet during their periods and having to find a safe place after dark is both undignified and risky.

    She added: ‘Female representation in politics in many parts of the world is still low, so perhaps if men had periods this issue would get the attention that it deserves. More needs to be done to ‘make it happen’ so that every women and girl has access to water, sanitation and hygiene by 2030.’

    In honour of Menstrual Cycle Day on May 28, WaterAid surveyed 2,000 people to find out what they thought the world would be like if men had periods. Almost 80 percent thought the sports world would change if men had their periods, with 29 percent of people believing sports commentators would openly discuss how player’s menstrual cycles would affect performance. 

    As part of the ‘If Men Had Periods’ campaign, WaterAid has created three rather hilarious parody videos showing what they think the world would be like if men menstruated. From the office to the football pitch, you’ve got to see the videos below.

    In order to stop the stigma around periods, WaterAid is encouraging people to sign their ‘Make It Happen

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