Still Unsure Who To Vote For In The General Election? WATCH Marie Claire's All-Female Question Time Debate. Then Decide.

While male leaders confused us with their TV debates, Marie Claire hosted the first ever all-female Question Time debate. Here it is in full.

Election debate
Election debate

While male leaders confused us with their TV debates, Marie Claire hosted the first ever all-female Question Time debate. Here it is in full.

Still note sure who to vote for in the general election?

To help us decide, we invited an all-female Question Time-style panel to answer your most pressing questions via Twitter. 5 high-profile female MPs from the main political parties came along to Marie Claire HQ to take part in our virtual election debate to talk women, politics and why it's more important than ever to cast your vote this year. You followed the hashtag #MCElection and joined us live on Twitter, clocking up almost 232k interactions.

Now watch the video in full, to find out what Gloria de Piero (Labour), Justine Greening (Conservative), Jo Swinson (Lib Dem), Caroline Lucas (Green) and Suzanne Evans (UKIP) had to say on the issues that matter most to you...

...On why women aren't voting


0.7 sec - meet the panelists

1.48 - why women aren't voting

...On why women should vote


0.54 sec - Justine Greening on the importance of collaboration between parties

3.00 - Gloria de Piero's plea for women to vote

4.17 - Justine Greening and Gloria de Piero on the Conservatives and Labour going head-to-head

5.39 - Suzanne Evans on the difference that non-voters can make

...On the gender pay gap


0.23 sec - Jo Swinson on the causes of the pay gap

1.37 - Caroline Lucas on why all-female quotas and shortlists are the Green Party's answer

2.56 - Suzanne Evans on gender inequality in UKIP

5.10 - Gloria de Piero challenges Suzanne Evans on the argument of rewarding merit, not gender

...On equality


2.55 - Caroline Lucas and Gloria de Piero challenge Justine Greening on Margaret Thatcher's contribution to politics

...On maternity rights


1.09 Jo Swinson on the importance of dads when it comes to childcare

3.54 - Gloria de Piero on Labour's childcare proposals

6.34 - Suzanne Evans clears up UKIP's stance on abolishing maternity leave and pay

...On living costs


2.05 - Suzanne Evans challenges the Lib Dem stance on tuition fees

2.41 - Justine Greening proposes the Conservative's plans to tackle the housing crisis

6.05 - Gloria de Piero on how Labour plans to deal with soaring rent prices

7.36 - Caroline Lucas challenges UKIP on tuition fees for specific academic subjects

...On violence against women


1.11 - Jo Swinson on the importance of making sex, relationships and consent education compulsory in schools

2.00 - Caroline Lucas on the Green Party's stance on sex and relationships education

4.17 - Justine Greening on current steps the government is taking to tackle domestic abuse

9.53 - Suzanne Evans on the importance of relationship education, but why sex education should not be compulsory in schools until the age of 11

...On women's rights around the world


2.02 - Justine Greening on what the government has done for women around the world

3.28 - Suzanne Evans on what needs to be done about FGM laws and prosecutions

...On feminism


0.10 - Suzanne Evans and Gloria de Piero clash on feminism

1.14 - Caroline Lucas on the environment and the impact of climate change on the world

2.17 - Jo Swinson and Suzanne Evans clash on where foreign aid is being spent

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Tracy Ramsden