Drunk men who demand sex are ‘rapists’

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  • Men who are drunk and force sex on their partners should be treated as rapists, says Lady Stern

    Men who insist on sex with their wives or partners when they are drunk should be treated as rapists, says the head of the government’s review of the rape laws.

    Lady Stern, who is leading a review into how rape complaints are handled, says that men should no longer be allowed to claim that alcohol had affected their judgement in court.

    She said there must be no ‘grey area’ in rape cases, and that there must be clear consent for sex, whether the couple have just met or are married.

    ‘Being drunk is voluntary and people who become drunk are responsible for their actions,’ she said in an interview with the London Evening Standard.

    ‘It is not the alcohol that commits the rape,’ she said. ‘It is not an excuse. It used to be regarded as such, but it is not an excuse. It is an aggravating factor.’

    She also said that a drunken woman is not ‘fair game’ for men.

    Lady Stern’s review is due to report in February, reports the Guardian. It was set up to try to encourage more women to report rape, and improve the conviction rates for a crime that can be difficult to prosecute.

    Alcohol is said to be involved in two thirds of rapes, reports the Mail. Most cases involve an attacker already known to the woman.


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