In what seems like a terrifying alt reality, dog meat farms are still a thing

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  • As a nation that pedestals dogs as angels sent from above (and rightly so), the harvesting of dogs for meat is a practice that’s hard to comprehend. But it’s a sad fact that there are still multiple operational dog farms trading in parts of Asia. And that’s before you bring the Yulin ‘Festival’ into the mix; whereby thousands of dogs – including stolen pets still wearing their collars— are killed for their meat.

    It’s a stark reminder that the dog meat trade (for human consumption, let’s not forget) is still in business.

    Thankfully, charities like the Wild at Heart Foundation and HSI (Humane Society International) are shining a light on this trade – drawing global attention to the cruelty that’s involved in this inhumane industry, and galvanising support and funds worldwide.

    The money raised goes towards shelter care for the animals saved from these farms, as well as working with dog meat farmers in South Korea to educate and then help transition them to a more humane way of making a living.

    A brand that is fighting to end dog meat farms is beauty brand Medik8, who, as part of their new charity initiative set up by the brand’s founder, Elliot Isaacs, has donated £10,000 to save 200 dogs from death row.

    The Zipper Foundation, named after Medik8’s beloved office dog who recently passed away but made a BIG impact on the brand (because we all know office dogs maximise office productivity tenfold) is dedicated to making positive changes around the world: donating money to a series of four charitable areas made up of the Animal Fund, the Rainforest Fund, the Ocean Fund and the Mind Fund.

    dog meat farms

    The one and only Zipper

    To kickstart the new initiative, a special launch fund has been given to Humane Society International to pay for food, supplies, medical and behavioural treatment for all of the 200 dogs saved from their latest dog meat farm closure.

    Situated 2.5 hours outside Seoul, South Korea, the now ex-meat farm housed over 200 dogs – kept in barren cages, with little to no food and water, meant the dogs were found in emaciated conditions. But through Medik8’s donation, HSI has worked with the farmer to transition his farm away from dog meat and puppy milling forever and are now in the process of rehoming all 200 dogs in the UK, USA and Canada.

    Whilst there is still a lot more work and re-education to be done, for those 200 dogs saved, the future is looking very bright and hopefully, full of massive bags of kibble.

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