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Why coffee might be the reason you can’t lose weight

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  • You might want to rethink your hot drink of choice

    If you’ve committed to cutting out sugar and fat, and you’re exercising more, then why aren’t you able to shed the weight you’re hoping to lose? Well, according to a study from Pukka, nutritionist Cassandra Barns, it might be your coffee habit.

    Yes, sometimes, trying to lose weight can seem like you’re merely on a hamster wheel (especially considering that too much exercise could actually be stopping you) but apparently caffeine could be holding you back.

    And, after finding out how much we spend on coffee every year, maybe this news has come at just the right time, too.

    Basically caffeine has a stress-like effect on the body so it ends up raising our levels of stress hormones (adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol) which is actually what’s giving you energy when you drink it.

    But, the thing with having a ‘fight or flight’ response is that surge of energy is actually suppressing your appetite and digestion – and with the longer-lasting hormone, cortisol, still in full-flux after you’ve drunk a cup of coffee, you might also experience an increase in appetite to replace the energy you’ve just burned. And yes, you’ll usually crave carbs and sugar my friend…

    And, don’t get us started on what coffee could be doing for your sleep cycle (as it stays in your body for around 5-6 hours).

    So, next time you head out for your coffee o’clock, maybe swap it for green tea matcha instead? Seeing as it has significantly less caffeine and also contains L-theanine which helps to relax your brain and reduce anxiety, you’ll be less stressed than more.

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