We need to talk about bladder incontinence

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We need to talk about bladder incontinence - Boots

It’s one of the few topics women of all ages still feel embarrassed to admit to. That needs to change – and it’s easier than it’s ever been, thanks to STAYDRY

When it comes to women’s health and wellbeing, it’s easy to think there’s no subject that isn’t up for public discussion. Topics that even half a generation ago were generally kept ‘between friends’ – from menstruation to masturbation to menopause – are now readily shared (complete with hashtags), as well they should be.

Yet when Olympic trampolinist Laura Gallagher Cox and her Team GB teammate Izzy Songhurst went public on the stress their chosen sport placed on their bodies – and their bladders – earlier this year, it made headlines. That’s because when it comes to women’s health, incontinence remains one of the last taboos.

Why this needs to change

Bladder leakage affects 18% of women* in the UK. Many are embarrassed by the condition. They won’t just not discuss it, they won’t even buy the products that have been carefully researched and designed to manage it. Rather, one fifth of women who experience bladder leakage use menstrual products instead**. 

According to specialist incontinence brand STAYDRY, this early embarrassment is common for many women at the start of their journey. Once they understand more about it, and the benefits – not to mention the peace of mind that comes from buying and using products that have been carefully researched and designed to manage it best – that embarrassment soon passes**. 

Whether it’s a little light leakage or a lot, the sooner we don’t just all get to grips with – but are happy to talk about – incontinence, then, the better off we’ll all be. Let’s start that conversation today.

Bladder incontinence – who experiences it and what are its causes?

The truth is that women of all ages can – and do – experience incontinence. And bladder incontinence is much more common among younger women than most of us realise. 

There’s a common misconception that older women are most likely to have problems with bladder leakage. For while it’s true that ageing is most routinely cited as a cause, there are plenty of older women who experience little to none. 

Pregnancy and childbirth are common causes, but issues such as stress, being overweight – even fluctuations in hormones over the course of your normal monthly cycle – as well as health conditions such as diabetes, can all lead to or impact on incontinence at any age***. 

And while no one’s pretending that’s fun, the key to managing it in a way that fits into you’re your lifestyle best comes down in no small part to the products you choose to use. Enter STAYDRY.

Taking control of bladder weakness

STAYDRY is the No. 1 incontinence brand sold by Boots****. It offers a full range of products for both women and men – from liners, shields and pads to accessories – that are designed to help you manage any and all levels of incontinence. 

Take STAYDRY Pants as an example. Designed for moderate to heavy bladder leakage and boasting superabsorbent tech, each pair of slip-on disposable pants is capable of rapidly absorbing and locking away over 30 times its own weight of liquid as a gel. No wonder Boots sells one STAYDRY product, in store and online, every nine seconds****.

And that’s not all. STAYDRY Pants also come with Derma Dry and Stay Fresh technologies, for skin dryness, comfort and natural odour control. Not to mention the worry-free design – now with its best-ever fit – which moves with you for ultimate comfort. 

It all adds up to leave you feeling secure, confident and dry. Which, when you think about it, really is something to shout about. 

Shop at Boots

The STAYDRY range is available at Boots. Shop at Boots and find out more at boots.com/staydry

*Data from Walgreens Boots Alliance Health of the Nation Study. 3,510 individuals aged 18+ interviewed October 26th - November 8th 2021.

**Data from research by Walgreens Boots Alliance ‘Understanding the Incontinence Landscape’ dated October 2019.

***Always speak to a healthcare advisor about underlying conditions or any other concerns.

****Based on sales data from 04/05/2021 to 03/05/2022.

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