7 things to avoid doing during oral sex

These women share the bedroom moves that for them are a guaranteed turn off…

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These women share the bedroom moves that for them are a guaranteed turn off…

We’re all individuals and have our own preferences, but there are some things that are just a guaranteed no-no.

Seven women have shared their brutally honest advice with us on the moves that bug them the most: the one’s to avoid, or at the very least be wary of using in the future.

Brace yourself – this is pretty frank stuff…

1. Don’t assume that my preferences are yours ‘I only really like oral sex if I’m lying down. If I’m standing, or on top, I always feel a bit uncomfortable and I can’t fully relax. Sadly, my boyfriend prefers it the other way, so I have to go along with it sometimes – even though it doesn’t turn me on.’ Rachel, 25

2. Don’t go straight in for it ‘I don’t like it when men go straight down on you within seconds of kissing in bed, like they are doing you some kind of massive erotic favour. Personally, I need a bit more foreplay; otherwise the fact that there is a head between my legs can freak me out a bit.’ Caroline, 32

That awkward moment

3. Know when to stop ‘Once I’ve come, I’ve come, so I hate it when men want to keep on going after I’ve orgasmed. I don’t want to have to act like I’m still in the moment, when, actually, I’m wondering if I’ve got any clean tights for work tomorrow. I wish it was OK to just stop and say, “You know what? I’m not into this, I’m done. Can we take a break? Thanks.”’ Amy, 37

4. Don’t ask silly questions ‘What’s with the question, “Where do you want me to come?” Is there actually a woman out there who yells, “My boobs!” My honest response would generally be wherever’s neatest and makes least mess, thank you very much.’ Sally, 27

Friends with benefits

5. Don’t expect too much ‘I find it really annoying that every new man I date now automatically thinks that some kind of “bottom action” is on the cards every time you have sex. Is it the influence of porn on a generation of men? Calm down on this front, please.’ Louise, 31

6. Don’t put too much pressure on oral ‘I’m not mad about giving blow jobs. I will and I do, but more because I feel I should than because I want to. I’m paranoid that my mouth doesn’t open that wide (it’s a true fact, my dentist told me I have a very small mouth!), and I don’t like the pressure of it all being on me to perform. I prefer sex – far more equal, far more like a team sport.’ Sam, 39

7. Don’t use offensive dirty talk ‘I like dirty talk in theory but, in reality, I always think I sound like an idiot when I try it and the truth is, when a man calls you a “dirty bitch” it’s actually not that funny.’ Sarah, 28

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