The 5 best gifts for people who deserve a good night’s sleep

Promotional feature with TEMPUR®

A Tempur mattress
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Promotional feature with TEMPUR®

Ready to give the gift of sleep this Christmas? Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a solid 8-hour kip in a seriously cosy bed…

It’s been a tough year for many. Thanks to coronavirus, across the country, families have been separated and plans scuppered. One thing that we hopefully have to look forward to? Christmas, and a season of being reunited with our loved ones. One present that they’ll never forget? The gift of sleep. 

So, why sleep, you ask. Well, in turbulent times comes stress, and with stress, often, comes insomnia. During the first lockdown, research by Ipsos MORI and King's College London found that almost 50% of Brits were not getting enough shut-eye. As we head into our second nation-wide lockdown, sleep deprivation appears to be on the up again. So what may not have been the first gift to spring to mind could actually be the most thoughtful.

Next question: where do you start with knowing which mattress to buy? When it comes to mattresses and pillows, TEMPUR® is in a league of its own. For decades, competitors have attempted to replicate the unique TEMPUR® feeling, which provides proven pressure relief.

Keep reading for 5 Christmas gift suggestions for the sleep-lovers out there. Though, we can’t promise you won’t be tempted to buy them for yourself…

5 Christmas gift suggestions for the sleep-lovers

A TEMPUR® mattress

Trademark TEMPUR® material which, fun fact, was first developed by NASA, is used to make each mattress. It helps to evenly distribute weight and pressure, ensuring the most comfortable night’s sleep. Did you know? Its proven pressure relief gives your body total comfort and support, reducing tossing and turning and absorbing motion from your partner so you are less likely to disturb one another. Now if that doesn’t sound like the perfect night’s sleep—and the perfect gift—we don’t know what does.

How TEMPUR® Material works is complex, but what it does is simple: help you sleep better, longer, deeper

How much? Prices start from £1,379*

A couple on a Tempur mattress

TEMPUR® pillows

Similarly to the mattresses, every TEMPUR® pillow is top of the range in terms of quality. You won’t find cushions more comfortable thanks to the specially developed TEMPUR® micro-cushion filling. Whichever lucky soul gets your TEMPUR® gift this Christmas will be able to fluff and puff their cushions to the exact shape they want. Neat. 

They even have a TEMPUR® Ergonomic Pillow range, expertly designed for back and side sleepers. Sound like someone you know? The gift of uncompromising neck support sounds pretty good to us.

Plus, they come with a generous three-year guarantee, so you can rest assured that your gift is covered.

How much? From £99.00*

Lumie Bodyclock Wake up to Daylight SAD Light

Help a loved one end their evenings and start their day softly with the Bodyclock Spark 100 from Lumie. It eases you to sleep and wakes you up with light, so can help you experience a more regular sleep and wake pattern. See, almost as good a gift as the TEMPUR® for sleep lovers.

Curious? The Lumie light helps you to wind down naturally with a gradual sunset feature that lasts around 30 minutes. Know someone who will love the sound of an easier, more natural, gentle alarm clock? Anything beats the current foghorn. We’re sold.

How much? £59.25*

A woman on a Tempur pillow

NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Pillow Mist 

Find yourself tossing and turning when you get to bed and struggling to drift off? Number one, you’ve likely not got a TEMPUR® mattress, but number two, a soothing sleep spray may just do the trick. This 30ml NEOM mist is botanically designed to calm your senses and soothe you into sleep. Expect fourteen sleep-inducing essential oils, including lavender, sweet basil, and jasmine.

Plus, it’s made from 100% natural ingredients, ethically sourced, and made in Britain, so you’ll be supporting local businesses.

How much? £20.00*

M&S Satin Crane pyjamas

Getting into a regular bedtime routine is all part of improving your sleep hygiene. The best part of a bedtime routine, aside from blissful, undisturbed zzz’s? Beautiful pyjamas. This satin pair from M&S’s Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley collection doesn’t disappoint. It’s a vintage-inspired set decorated with an elegant crane print, coming in a comfy fit. Stylish and comfortable = an ideal gift. 

How much? £35.00*

*All pricing correct at the time of publication (November 6th 2020)

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