Women spend 17 years of their lives on diets

Women spend over a decade of their lives trying to lose weight, a study has found

Woman on scales
Woman on scales
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Women spend over a decade of their lives trying to lose weight, a study has found

Many of us become obsessed with the latest diet fads, so it's no surprise that a study by Diet Chef has found the average woman spends a staggering 17 years of her life on diets.

Of these dieters, the average woman loses her body weight over nine times during her lifetime. On average women diet twice a year, losing approximately 11lbs on each diet.

Women also find it easier to diet in some areas of the UK than others. Those based in the North West diet for four days on average - the least in the country.

Those in East Anglia have the most willpower, with their diets lasting a month on average. LATEST DIET FAD: ALTERNATE DAY FASTING

Kevin Dorren, Founder of Diet Chef, says: ‘Deciding to lose weight can be an easy one to make when we know we have a special occasion coming up or aren’t feeling confident in our appearance, however as we can see actually embarking on a diet and losing the extra pounds is more difficult and takes real commitment.'

Dieters cited a love of food and a lack of willpower as the main reasons for struggling to keep to a diet.

The top incentives for going on diets were found to be struggling to fit into clothes, holidays, health reasons and weddings.


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