Diet change good for older mothers

'Drastic' changes in diet could aid older women to have children


'Drastic' changes in diet could aid older women to have children

Women who make 'drastic' changes in their diet in their forties and fifties could increase their chance of having a baby, according to a nutrionist.

Sarah Dobbyn, author of The Fertility Diet, said the influence of diet on fertility is too often disregarded.

Dobbyn states that cutting out alcohol and sugar should allow women to hit the 'snooze button' on their biological clocks.

According to Dobbyn's book, if women in their fifties improve their diets they can potentially conceive later in life.

The diet could also be a saviour for women who think IVF treatment is their only option for getting pregnant.

Dobyyn said: 'Huge amounts of money are being spent on assisted conception techniques by hopeful couples who do not know that alcoholic and caffeinated beverages are liquid contraceptives, sweeteners can prevent ovulation and seemingly innocent foods such as peas, rhubarb and soya all inhibit fertility.'

Dobbyn's book, The Fertility Diet, lays out a month-by-month diet and lifestyle plan that should be followed by both man and woman to increase the woman's chances of conceiving.

The diet suggests cutting out smoking, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, caffeine and soya in the first four weeks. Peas and rhubarb are also banned as they both have links to infertility.

During the second month couples are encouraged to cut out all meat, sugar and dairy products. Foods that are recommended include unlimited quantities of beans, pulses, organic herbs, spices and nuts.

However some IVF doctors are dubious about the benefits of the diet. Fertility expert Professor Bill Ledger said: 'We tend to create a lot of guilt in people these days. The worry is that some gullible young woman will read this book and start living that life and miss out on a lot of fun and normality.'

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