Carlota Pereda: ‘Body shaming is everywhere, so I wanted my film to tackle it’

Up next in our Women Who Win series is Carlota Pereda, an award-winning director and screenwriter. Her new short film, Piggy, explores the explosive consequences of body shaming

Hell-bent on shining a spotlight on the social issues of our time through the power of cinema, Madrid-native Pereda’s Piggy tells the story of a young teen who is bullied by a group of girls while trying to swim in her local pool. Cruelly targeted for her weight, Sarah has her clothes stolen and embarks on a mortifying journey home that she’ll never forget.

The 14-minute long film, in which 65% of the cast and crew are female, has won more than 50 prestigious awards. Such accolades include the high-profile Goya award and Best European Independent Film at the 2019 ÉCU. We caught up with the Director to learn more about her inspiration behind the film…

I don’t like the world my daughter is growing up in’

Everything seems to be about body image and social media. I got the idea for making Piggy after visiting my local pool. I spotted this kid who was always alone, and I realised it was because she didn’t want her peers to see her in a bathing suit. Body shaming happens everywhere, so I decided to tell a story about it. 

Carlota Pereda

‘People act when they’re moved emotionally’

I wanted to show that if you don’t break the cycle of violence caused by bullying, it will go on forever. Cinema has the ability to reach a bigger audience and get people more emotionally involved. Piggy has brought up a lot of debate, and I’m proud of that. 

‘I’ve always wanted to tell my own stories’

I wanted to be a director but I come from a family of lawyers who didn’t support my ambition. I went to law school, and studied law in the morning and cinema in the evening. Finally, I told my family I was going to give up law and become a director. I started working in TV as a screenwriter, then moved behind the camera.

Carlota’s next short film, ‘There Will be Monsters’, is out in December.

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