Here's why everyone's talking about these freaky photos of Prince Charles and Prince Harry

And we can't 'unsee' it...

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And we can't 'unsee' it...

Prince Harry is one of the most talked about people in the world, from his marriage to Meghan Markle and his exciting baby news to the newlyweds’ royal tour, which they arrived back from only recently.

Despite almost everything Harry does making viral news, the 34-year-old made headlines this week for a different reason, and it’s all to do with his father, Prince Charles.

The first in line to the throne has been a huge conversation topic recently as he celebrated his 70th birthday, something that the royal family marked by releasing official portraits.

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One photo that really took the public back however was a throwback 1976 photograph of the Prince of Wales sporting a scruffy beard.

The result? He looks identical to Prince Harry and the whole internet is 'shook'

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We can't 'unsee' it, and we're not the only ones!

Since the photos emerged, people have been taking to Twitter and Instagram to share other photos that show the family resemblance.

'I don't see how anyone can think Prince harry doesn't look like The Prince of Wales,' posted one user (@Noonkemp), while another posted that the two were 'so alike'.

This isn't the first time Prince Harry's appearance has gone viral for its resemblance to his family, with a vintage photo of a bearded Prince Philip going viral just months ago for the likeness to Harry.

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'I spotted this beautiful 1957 vintage cover of a Paris Match magazine whilst visiting our wedding venue in France a couple of years ago - who does it remind you of?' photographer Chris Jackson posted, before adding an almost identical photograph of Prince Harry.

It looks like beards, grins and decorated uniforms run in the Windsor-Mountbatten men!

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