The YSL foundation that’ll care for your skin AND give you a full-coverage luminous matte finish

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If you’ve ever faced the annoying dilemma of wanting your foundation to last all day but worrying that a formula which offers long-wear will make your skin look caked and over made up, YSL’s new All Hours Foundation is going to be your new BFF. The upgraded, breathable formula offers up to 24 hours of coverage, along with a lightweight feel that will make your skin feel bare and liberated - and continue to look as fresh and flawless as it did when first applying, even hours after you’ve put it on.

That’s not all: the formula will actively care for your skin while it’s on thanks to the infusion of hyaluronic acid to provide all day hydration and to make sure your skin is cared for as you wear the new foundation, meaning softer, smoother, and more supple skin as a result. The other good news for your skin’s health is the SPF 39 PA+++, so you can rest assured that your skin is less likely to suffer from the effects of sun exposure while wearing.

YSL All Hours

(Image credit: YSL)

The finish feels super lightweight, but it’s a very clever formula which can be built to a fuller coverage, or applied in a thinner layer for a sheer wash of the luminous matte formula which will last and last while looking freshly-applied so you can get on with your life without worrying about what your skin looks like once it’s on. Taking the not worrying about skin thing a step further, YSL have made sure that it’s transferproof, waterproof, and sweat proof, which will be cheering if you like to get in a work out or change clothes during the day without worrying that your base will end up running down your neck or all over your collar. And if you were wondering about how it stays matte over a long period, it’s thanks to the neo-skin powder in the mix, which is combined with the pigments encapsulated within the formula to offer a seamless and shine-free mesh-like structure across skin. 

The best bit? Navigating the 40 strong shade collection couldn’t be easier thanks to the new three letter shade-naming system. The first digit of the system is all about your skin tone, whether light, medium, or dark - l,m,d. The second digit represents your undertone - cool (c), neutral (n), or warm (w). The third is there to represent your intensity on a scale from 1-10. The shade finder or free online one-to-one consultations with a YSL Beauty Expert can help you to find the precise one for you as there’s one to match every skin tone, with YSL checking during an extensive Global Beauty study featuring 3000 participants from across the globe.

For best lightweight to medium results, apply with a dabbing motion to the centre of the face and press outwards. If you want fuller coverage, use a brush and sweep it on across your face until you’ve got the right amount on.

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