How to get Salma Hayek Pinault's polished look for her Marie Claire UK cover

The polished look that requires less than ten products

Salma Hayek laughing looking up
(Image credit: Yu Tsai)

In the world of Hollywood, Salma Hayek Pinault is a household name. With an undoubtedly recognisable look, we wanted to ensure we highlighted Salma as her truest self for our February cover.

Using less than 10 products in total between the two creatives, we enlisted celebrity make-up artist, Scott Barnes, and hairstylist Peter Savic. Both worked seamlessly to keep her looking and feeling flawless throughout the shoot. 

The team also included celebrity photographer Yu Tsai, and the stylist duo Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn who took inspiration from Qeelin’s Wulu collection to highlight the real superwoman that is Salma Hayek Pinault. 

Close up beauty shot Salma Hayek

(Image credit: Yu Tsai)

To create this perfect look for Valentines Day and beyond, Barnes focused on simply enhancing Hayek Pinault’s naturally chiselled structure. “I like to simplify it down to key products; here are the top five I used to achieve her look,” says Barnes. 

After applying a gentle layer of primer and foundation, Barnes reached for his number one key product used throughout the shoot, his Chic Cheek No.1 Palette, £53. “This is a must-have in my kit, I use it every time I do someone's make-up,” he says. “For Salma, I used 'Sweet Cheeks' topped off with 'Mango Fizz' to bring warmth to her cheeks.” To accentuate her cheeks and jawline, Barnes used his Sculpting and Contour No.1 Palette, £49 in the shades ‘Frame’ and ‘Diced’. 

For the perfect sultry smokey eye, Barnes used his limited edition Voyager Collection, £189. “I used a mixture of bronze shimmers, then added mascara to thicken her lashes.” His mascara of choice was his famous maXXX OUT Mascara, £22.90. 

“Last but not least, to keep her look refreshed during this shoot, I used my new Downright Dewy Mist, £27 to rehydrate and add glow to the skin,” he adds. This mist is one of Barnes’ secret weapons to ensure a long-lasting look that prevents constant reapplying, "Make-up is a terrible thing to waste, spread love and spread make-up!” 

In order to stay true to Hayek Pinault’s authentic self, celebrity hairstylist, Peter Savic opted to keep her natural length without adding any extensions. Her naturally thick luscious hair was quickly styled with just two products. 

To begin, Savic applied the Whirlpool Styling Foam, £35 onto Hayek Pinault’s damp hair to smooth everything out. In order to create the raw texture, he blow-dried her hair with a diffuser- softly scrunching the hair until it was fully dry. 

With a big curling iron, he created loose curls throughout. The key to this style is to make sure you are curling in alternating directions to avoid a very polished look. Lastly, Savic applied a natural hair oil onto her ends to seal Hayek Pinault’s natural shine. 

With this, the cover stay was ready to tackle a shoot day and play with her dog, Lobito, without a single smudge or flyway. 

Sofia Piza

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