Your holistic guide to winter wellbeing in three simple steps

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Here’s how to make the most of healthy habits and love winter a little more…

Winter is a time for hibernating, but for lots of us, it can be hard to revel in the shorter days and colder weather. Approaching our health holistically at the beginning of the year works wonders for us, mentally and physically, and it enables us to live each day feeling healthier and happier. 

In realising that our body, mind and soul are interlinked, starting new routines and trying out alternative remedies becomes an obvious thing to do. After all, you wouldn’t go for a run without warming up, so why would you approach the day without an uplifting morning routine (think a pot of Neal’s Yard Remedies Bright Start tea).

When we start to think about our bodies in this way, what we put into and onto them becomes a top priority. Going for natural, organic and ethically sourced products is an easy and planet-friendly way to make a positive difference to your wellbeing routine.

Leading British brand Neal’s Yard Remedies (which creates high-quality organic Soil Association certified products) carried out research with Newcastle University to prove all the good stuff about organic farming. They found that switching to organic crops allows for up to a 70% increase in antioxidants and that organic farming is better for the planet and the people who grow them.

And it doesn’t just stop at the environmental benefits, it’s better for your overall wellbeing on the inside and out. By harnessing your gut-brain connection, linking movement to your mood and food to your feelings, your digestion, skin and hormones will be able to work at their best. 

If your aim is to feel more energised, stronger and happier, the time is now – whatever the weather. In just 15 minutes, find out how you can use Neal’s Yard Remedies products to boost your winter wellbeing naturally:

Herbal remedies for winter wellbeing

Herbal remedies aren’t just for hippies, believe me. Tipper Lewis, Neal’s Yard Remedies’ naturopathic herbalist, is here to prove it. 

As well as helping to start a cold day off to a great start, teas are a great way to make sure that you top up your vitamins and minerals. You can also make them full of digestion-encouraging bitters and aromatics, which help with absorption. If you don’t have enough time for a brew, tinctures are a quick pit stop for supporting your wellbeing naturally. 

Here, Tipper shows you how using herbs and spices can increase your resilience and boost energy. She also shares her top-secret recipes for the most delicious oat smoothie and hot chocolate:

How to master self-massage 

With expertise from Fran Johnson, aromatherapist and Neal’s Yard Remedies’ product formulator, we only need five minutes to persuade you to take up self-massage. After months of missing human touch, we want to help you reconnect and boost your health. 

Massages can support your body in cellular, mechanical, hormonal and circulatory functions. Using warming essential oils before bedtime and uplifting aromatic scents for when you wake up again can help set yourself up for a great day and melt away any tension.

So forget foam rollers – Fran will show you how to create your own bespoke massage oil blend along with a 30-second massage routine for any time of day. Click play:

How to spring clean your body

Now that you’re a maestro in all things winter drinks and self-massage, I bet you're wondering how to prepare for Spring? Don’t worry; we’ve got that covered too.

You wouldn’t approach a top-to-bottom scrub of your home without a plan, and you shouldn’t with your body either. From eliminating unhealthy habits to supporting your gut health, you need to know how to cleanse before taking the leap. Here, Tipper Lewis tells you exactly how.

Watch the video:

It’s important to remember that cleansing isn’t for everyone all of the time. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking prescription medicines or living with particular chronic conditions, you need to speak with an experienced naturopath before choosing to switch up your routine. 

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