How to get a perfect smile for your red carpet moment

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Award season is officially in full swing and whilst we would love a massive frock for our weekly trip to the local pub for a roast, it just seems slightly out of the realms of possibility.

However, what is it that all of these incredible stars have in common (apart from stunning gowns)? Bright, white teeth.

Unfortunately, us Brits have a bad reputation when it comes to teeth, but we say tosh to that. All you need to do is follow these simple tips and tricks for an Insta-worthy smile:

1. Cut out things that stain your teeth

Beetroot, coffee, tea, wine and smoking are all huge causes of yellowing on your teeth. Try to avoid them as much as possible.

2. Rinse regularly

If you can’t give up the above (and we understand that it’s hard), then rinse out your mouth with water after eating, drinking or smoking.

3. Use a (reusable) straw

If you absolutely, 100% cannot give up your morning coffee, then drink it using a straw. Oral-B’s ambassador, Dr Uchenna Okoye says: ‘I often recommend using a straw if drinking anything with colour so it stains your teeth less.’ This helps prevent the liquid from going anywhere near your teeth.

4. Brush to the beat

Not sure how long to clean your teeth for? Find a song that lasts for around two minutes and brush for the entirety of it. Might we suggest Kiss With A Fist by Florence and the Machine, which lasts for 2.04 minutes.

5. Go white

Seems pretty obvious, but use a whitening toothpaste. And make it a good one that can be trusted, such as the award-winning Oral-B 3D White Whitening Therapy Enamel Care. Dr Okoye agrees: ‘Tooth-whitening pastes are a great maintenance to remove staining, I like Oral-B’s pastes as they contain a product that not only removes surface stains but also helps prevent new ones forming.’

6. For goodness sake, floss

How many times has your dentist, you mum or a beauty editor told you to floss? We don’t do it for the joy of hearing our own voices. We do it because it’s effective. Plaque attracts stains, so if you remove more of it from between your teeth, you’ll help keep them looking whiter. 

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