Abortions ‘used as contraception’

Pro-life campaigners say abortion 'used as contraception', as time limit set to stay the same

PRO-LIFE CAMPAIGNERS are up in arms about the Government’s suggestion that the upper time limit for abortion should stay at 24 weeks.

The public health minister, Dawn Primarolo, is set to tell a cross-party Commons committee of MPs that there is no evidence to support a change in the law, despite medical advances.

Julia Millington, political director of Prolife Alliance, says ministers are, ‘Cherry picking the evidence to support their pro-choice stance. There has been a reluctance to consider the vast improvement in the survival rates of babies born before 24 weeks.’

The British Medical Association voted against lowering the time limit from 24 weeks, claiming the number of babies surviving at that time were ‘extremely low’.

Yet research by Marie Stopes International, a charity that carries out two thirds of abortions in Britain, showed that GPs wanted the limit for so-called ‘social abortions’ to be brought down to between 20 and 23 weeks.

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