Kate Moss to sue Pete Doherty?

Will Kate Moss sue Pete Doherty?

The Kate Moss-Pete Doherty break-up could be getting even messier. The supermodel is rumoured to be considering suing her junkie ex, under claims that he plans to make a tell-all documentary on their relationship.

Doherty is allegedly teaming up with ITV for the programme, provisionally titled Kate & Pete: A love story. It was also rumoured that part of the deal would include him handing over home made videos of Moss, to be included in the film.

A source has claimed, ‘Kate is furious with Pete. She has contacted her lawyers and plans to get an injunction to stop the production. ‘Some of it is really raunchy stuff Kate believed would never be seen by anyone else.’

It is to be confirmed whether the documentary will go ahead.

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