Mobile phones ‘do not pose health risk’

Despite concerns over radiation there is no evidence to suggest mobile phones pose a health risk

There is no convincing evidence that mobile phone technologies have health implication, according to a new report by the Health Protection Agency.

Despite health concerns surrounding the use of mobile phones, the largest review of published research to date says there is no indication of any increased health risk.

‘There is still no convincing scientific evidence that radiofrequency exposures from mobile phones and other radio technologies affect human health at exposure levels below internationally agreed guidelines,’ says Dr John Cooper, director of the HPA’s Centre for Radiation.

However, as mobile phones technology has only become widespread in recent years there is little research on the risks posed beyond 15 years from first exposure so the HPA continue to advise a precautionary approach.

‘The HPA recommends that excessive use of mobile phones by children should be discouraged,’ says Dr Cooper.


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