Why it’s time to stop seeing women’s empowerment at work as just a ‘women’s issue’

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We are at a crucial time in history. Never before have opportunities been so great for women in the world of work. And yet there is still so much to be done to achieve genuine gender equality in the workplace.

Everyone who is in leadership was influenced, helped, supported, or directed in a way that allowed for progression and development to happen. But for women, that path to leadership isn’t always so accessible, encountering challenges that men don’t always face. And the effects of intersectionality present additional, unique barriers for women from underrepresented groups.

While women are mobilising themselves, campaigning, and working towards achieving the equality they deserve, a real transformation is not possible without a vital component – the allyship of others in the workplace, particularly men.


It is time to stop seeing women’s empowerment at work as just a women’s issue. Women can only achieve gender parity at work and reach leadership positions when they have the support and mentorship of coworkers who understand the unique career challenges women and underrepresented groups face.

When we support each other, we can all thrive and succeed. Channelling the power of collaboration across our communities, workplaces, and ultimately our world, is truly how we’ll change the equation for women.

Marie Claire wants to help, so we are joining forces once more with our pioneering friends at Salesforce to create change.


In partnership with Salesforce, we are hosting Building up the women around you, a sold out inspiring live panel discussion of industry experts chaired by Marie Claire UK’s Editor-in-Chief, Andrea Thompson.

The live panel discussion will look at how people of all gender identities can stand in solidarity with women to create a bold, visible, and united force for gender equality — something that benefits everyone.

The Salesforce and Marie Claire event will hear from men in senior positions who have nurtured female talent within their company and championed equality for all. They’ll discuss how Salesforce has created a more inclusive work environment through initiatives like the annual equal pay assessment and comprehensive parental leave. We’ll also hear from women who have been mentored by men to support them into leadership positions and what has been most helpful in achieving their goals. Not to mention, HR managers and career psychologists will be on hand to offer their insight into the importance of a gender-balanced workforce for both office wellbeing and company output.


Look out for our ‘In Case You Missed It’ article detailing our takeaways from the inspirational event so you can feel empowered and gain insight even if you didn’t manage to get a ticket.

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