20 Days to Better Ways – Gumtree have teamed up with Angela Scanlon to make small changes

Gumtree have joined forces with Angela Scanlon for their exciting ’20 Days to Better Ways’ challenge. Here’s how you can get involved.

From first cars to holidays, new jobs to moving house, life’s little (and large) milestones can incur huge costs on both our pockets and the planet. Which is why we love re-commerce site Gumtree.

Launched 20 years ago, Gumtree’s been there for us just about every step of the way – from finding everything from pre-loved bikes and cars, to selling on much-loved furniture for moving flats. (You might’ve even found a few flat mates on there, too.)

Over the years we haven’t just saved money with the site – not to mention we’ve earned a little, too – but we’ve helped out the environment, probably without even realising, in the long run.

And while you probably already knew all that about shopping second hand, did you know that you’re also contributing to the circular economy? Helping us to shop, live and share sustainably, it’s based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, and keeping products and materials in use.

But before you think we’re encouraging you to drop everything and move to a yurt in the woods – although that does sound more and more appealing these days – it’s the small, regular changes that are going to effect the biggest longterm change.

So when we heard that Gumtree had teamed up with presenter extraordinaire and Thanks A Million podcaster Angela Scanlon, on a new campaign encouraging small, simple changes that will make a huge difference, it’s safe to say that we were more than a little excited.

These small, everyday changes could help everything from your wallet to the planet. Here’s how to get involved…

What is the 20 Days to Better Ways challenge?

Over 2o days Gumtree – and Angela – are encouraging us to make at least one small change towards a collective difference (while saving a little money in the process). Whether that’s taking a shorter shower, shopping second hand or swapping the car for a dander a little more often, there are so many small everyday changes we can make to do our bit.

Over the next 20 days, follow along with the challenge over on Gumtree’s Instagram page, @gumtreeuk, and use #OneSmallChange and #20DaysToBetterWays to share your progress.

So without further ado, here are the 20 small changes you can challenge yourself to make for the good of the planet, society and your wallet. Get your friends involved, and make a month of it.

How many of the 20 Days to Better Ways challenges will you manage?

Take on a few (or all) of these 20 small challenges to make a huge collective difference

  1. Make your next fashion purchase a second-hand purchase​
  2. Make your next homewares purchase a second-hand purchase​
  3. Make your next gift purchase a second-hand purchase​
  4. Need some reading materials? Buy second-hand.​
  5. Check your energy tariff to see how much comes from renewable sources​
  6. Use a reusable cup for your takeaway coffee​
  7. Remember to bring your own shopping bag​
  8. BYO cutlery (ditch the plastic convenience)​
  9. Carry a reusable water bottle with you​
  10. Pack your lunch in reusable containers or use an alternative to plastic wrap / cling film
  11. Start a reusable “wipe-clean” shopping list
  12. Upskill yourself and find a video tutorial next time something needs fixing​
  13. Take a couple of minutes off your daily shower​
  14. Count the number of lights on around your house and what time you turned them on​
  15. Ask your employer / manager about your company’s sustainability / recycling policy​
  16. Review your wardrobe and identify 1x item which someone else might love second-hand​
  17. Pick up 2x pieces of litter on your next walk​
  18. Improve your recycling game by watching the recycling at home guide on Recycle Now 
  19. Visit your local farmers’ market​
  20. Check whether what you need can be found within walking distance (before jumping in a car)​

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