A heartbreaking number of new mothers have admitted to feeling lonely and isolated

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  • Apparently the first year of motherhood is the 'loneliest time in a woman's life'

    Any new mum will know the challenges that come with having a baby, from the every day heaven and hell experiences of parenting to the frequent bouts of mum guilt we all feel, it really is an emotional rollercoaster. Even celebrity mums such as Anne Hathaway speak out about how tough parenting can be.

    However, a new survey has shed light on the fact an alarming number of new mums are struggling with the first year of motherhood in particular, after two thirds of women have admitted that the first year of motherhood is the ‘loneliest time in a woman’s life’.

    A survey conducted with 2,000 women  discovered that a quarter of young women felt their relationship had suffered after having a baby. Out of all the women that took part, a staggering seven out of ten said they felt their social life had evaporated and shockingly more than 50% confessed to feeling ‘lonely and isolated’ within their first year of motherhood.

    More worryingly, many of the mothers interviewed said they resented their partners for leading social lives which ‘hadn’t really changed’.

    ‘Hour after hour with an adorable but demanding baby who frequently cries and rarely sleeps is a considerable challenge for all new mums, but feeling isolated from their family and their old life is the hardest thing new mums have to cope with,’ notes the report.

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