Women’s Equality Party: Here’s What You Need To Know About The Policy Launch

The Women's Equality Party outlined their plans to tackle gender inequality with their first policy launch

Equal representation
Women make up just 29% of MPs and 24% of Peers. To correct this, women should women should make up at least 66% of new MPs for the next two elections.

Equal pay
Companies with more than 250 will have to print an annual report outlining both men and women’s pay, hours and employment status.

Equal parenting and caregiving
Fathers as well as mothers should be entitled to 6 weeks of paid leave at 90% of their salary.

Sophie Walker said, ‘We want women to realise their potential, and we want to do it by providing a system of childcare that doesn’t cost the earth – and doesn’t have to be waited for.’

Equality in education
Teach mutual respect in sexual relationships and tackle the underlying causes of violence against women and girls. All schools should conduct a gender audit of their curriculum to ensure they are promoting role models like Marie Curie and Grace Hopper (aka Amazing Grace, American computer scientist extraordinaire) to challenge gender stereotypes.

Equality in the media
The picture of women presented in the media has to change so that women can be heard – dads can care, female politicians shouldn’t be asked about their handbags and girls don’t need to be stick thin.

Ending violence against women and girls

Tackle the low prosecution rates for sexual violence, and ensure that victims of domestic violence receive legal aid and specialist support, by scrapping the Married Couples’ Tax Allowance. It’s thought this could save £800m by 2018-19.

Images and video: Women’s Equality Channel, YouTube

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