Mother of octuplets asks for money

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  • The Californian mother of eight newborns has set up a website seeking donations

    Nadya Suleman, who gave birth to octuplets babies in January this year, has put out a plea for money and  ‘items’ for her family.

    Her successful delivery of eight live babies was greeted with national joy which quite quickly turned to shock when it was discovered that she already had six children under the age of seven, was single, jobless and lived at home with her parents.

    Suleyman’s revelation that she was allowed to have multiple implants during IVF also caused controversy and this whiff of scandal is said to have discouraged corporate sponsors from offering assistance to Suleyman and her octuplets.

    And so Suleyman, 33, who bills herself a ‘proud mother of 14’, has set up, as a place where people can send  online donations. She asks that any gifts of clothing, baby equipment or furniture be sent to the office of the publicity firm she hired last month.

    She says in the Telegraph that the website also offers the opportunity for everybody to meet her octuplet babies who she says are, ‘growing stronger by the day.”

    Suleyman has posted a picture of each baby, along with their name, birth order and weight.

    ‘We thank you from the bottom of our hearts’, the website states, in anticipation of public help.

    It seems unlikely, however, that much money will flow in though as there is significant and widespread resentment that, despite Suleyman’s denials, she has been proved to be receiving support from the public purse.

    Earlier this week, Suleyman’s publicist Mike Furtney confirmed that she was receiving $490 (£340) a month in food stamps and an undisclosed amount of income support.

    Bad feelings are running particularly high in her native California where taxpayers are said to be very angry that the cost of the octuplets’ delivery – which required a 46-strong medical team and is estimated to come in at a whacking $3 million (£2.1 million) — may have to be met by a healthcare programme for the poor.


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