1 in 4 women admit to being a ‘victim of rape’

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  • A shockingly high number of women has been made to have sex when they don't want to, according to new statistics

    The figures are shocking: One in four women has been forced to have sex when she doesn’t want to, with many not realising it can still be rape when the man is her husband or boyfriend.

    Arguably more disturbing than this is the fact that more than half of women believe victims share the blame for what happens, highlighting provocative clothes as the main problem.

    The report also found that 14% of women believe rape claims are made up.

    The report, Wake Up To Rape, was carried out by Havens rape centres and questioned over 1,000 Londoners, although researchers believe the results reflect a nationwide trend.

    Haven clinical director Dr Jan Welch said: ‘Unfortunately, women have bought into the idea that sometimes the rape victim is to blame. Under no circumstances is a woman at fault for being raped.’

    As a result of these latest figures, campaigners are calling for more education in schools to raise awareness of sexual violence.

    ‘It’s particularly worrying that younger women are more likely to hold people responsible for what happens to them,’ says Elizabeth Harrison, manager of the Whitechapel haven, one of three Haven centres in London.

    ‘The 18-24 age group were more likely to say that engaging in conversation in a bar or accepting a drink makes them partially responsible.

    ‘But it is this age group that is more likely to be going out doing that. We need to get the message out to schools that rape is never your fault.’

    Detective Chief Inspector Mark Yexley, from the Metropolitan Police, appreciates the value of rape centres around the country. ‘Although the majority surveyed said they would contact the police, we understand that not everyone will feel comfortable approaching us in the first instance,’ he said.

    ‘The Havens offers invaluable help and support for people who may otherwise try to cope with the immediate effects of rape and sexual assault alone.’


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