Yet to have an orgasm? The Modern Guide To Sex will teach you how...

The new NORMAL, say hello to the Aussie brand redefining sex-ed

The new NORMAL, say hello to the Aussie brand redefining sex-ed

In partnership with NORMAL

Sometimes it might not feel like it, but it's totally normal to talk about sex and to want to learn more about getting intimate.

Aussie brand NORMAL surveyed 1,000 people and identified several major gaps with current sex-education curriculums that impact people of all ages, gender, and sexuality. So, to address these gaps, they created their very own grown-up sex education, which we bet you wish you'd when you were younger.

NORMAL’s Big Sex Survey discovered that orgasm equality is a long way off. Across Gen Z and Millennials, only 46% of female-identifying people always or nearly orgasm during sex, compared to 70% of male-identifying people. This gap increases amongst Baby Boomers, with males orgasming 79% of the time.

Bottom line: if you identify as a female and have had sex without an orgasm, you’re definitely not alone.

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At school, we were always taught what NOT to do when it comes to sex, with the lens on sex as primarily an act of reproduction, rather than sex as a pleasure-based experience. But that's not the case, and NORMAL are spreading the word that sex absolutely shouldn't feel like a taboo. Rather, they believe that the more we discuss sex and the more we share our experiences, the more we learn.

NORMAL founder Lucy Wark shared, “Sex education has always been about what NOT to do - some schools will teach you how to put a condom around a banana, but not how to have sex."

So, instead of being taught what not to do, NORMAL's in-house sex coach Georgia Grace is bringing you an easy, fun, and informative form of sex ed.

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A first of its kind, NORMAL's masterclass is suitable for all. Titled 'The Modern Guide to Sex', the course showcases what modern sex-ed should look like, covering everything from consent to the science of orgasms, arousal, and sexual health. They've built a community of people who are comfortable opening up and asking questions they've always wanted to learn more about, with Georgia Grace breaking down each question and query with honest and expert advice.

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The Modern Guide to Sex is both stigma-free and confidence-building, so there's no need to worry it won't be for you. Their Big Sex Survey uncovered that ‘not feeling confident during sex’, ‘body image making it hard to enjoy sex’ and ‘wanting to give partners more pleasure’ were the biggest issues people face within their sex lives. So, NORMAL wanted to focus on these areas and both educate and empower people to feel more confident when getting intimate - as the most important relationship we’ll ever have is the one we have with ourselves.

Want to learn more? For a one-off payment of $29 AUD (around £15), you can access 'The Modern Guide to Sex'. For the fee, you'll gain access to downloadable workbooks, exercises, diagrams, and health information that answer all your big questions about sex.

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Our friends at NORMAL are giving Marie Claire readers 50% off with our exclusive discount code 'MARIECLAIRE50' with an extra 30% off a toy to accompany your course - to redeem simply enter 'TRYBOTH30' when you check out. If you're over 18 and enrolled in university or college you can access the course for free, here.

So far, over 18's across twenty-five countries globally have signed up to NORMAL's masterclass, with glowing reviews of certified sex coach Georgia Grace's sex-ed classes already pouring in.

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