Try this astrology app for free and navigate Mercury in retrograde with ease

Get the best advice to navigate Mercury's backward spin this month for free...

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Get the best advice to navigate Mercury's backward spin this month for free...

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Regardless of whether you're an avid astrology follower, someone who dips into their horoscope for special occasions or a little sceptical about cosmic events and their impact on daily life. It's always fascinating how often you'll hear things, both good and bad, attributed to mercury being in retrograde. Enter, Hint.

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The number one Astrology app, Hint matches you up with a personal astrologer who can provide you with readings and answer any questions you have, 24 hours a day.

The second Mercury retrograde cycle of 2022 begins on the 10th of May and ends on 18 June. Mercury is considered in astrology to govern communication, intellect, transport and even daily routine so astrologers believe it has an influence on what we say and the messages we interpret from others. Anything from traffic jams, to awkward phone conversations, broken technology, or miscommunications via email or text. Even a simple chat over coffee can suddenly go off-piste due to over-thinking and communication issues.

A few times each year Mercury appears to travel backwards in the sky, this is when it's considered to be in retrograde and is often associated with a period in which the communication we send out as well as receive can feel a little confused and muddled. Due to this, it's not considered an auspicious time to sign a new contract, start a new relationship or host a wedding as delays, mistakes and issues may arise.

Utilising real space data from NASA, your birth information, and personalised advice from actual astrologers, it offers up a guiding light through life’s journeys. Whether you’re a novice or well-versed in this spiritual practice, you can learn a little something from the intentional and insightful approach that Hint delivers.

With thousands of users relying on Hint for advice and guidance, Mercury being in retrograde is the apps busiest time of the year. As users look to discover how they can use Mercury Retrograde to work in their favour.

Sign up today to trial Hint for free for seven days and use code 'Hint22' to save 30% on your subscription.

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