Scientists develop ‘reversible’ vasectomy

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  • Fed up of taking the pill? A new 'reversible' vasectomy could mean you won't have to

    IT’S FAIR TO say that women have always taken the brunt of birth control responsibility – but a new 10-minute ‘reversible’ vasectomy could mean we can ditch the pesky pill for good.

    Scientists are working on a method that involves making a tiny incision along the testicle into which doctors place a tiny sperm-blocking tube.

    According to medics at the Family Planning Technology Centre in Guangzhou, China, the tube acts a filter to the sperm and, to stop the effect, doctors simply remove the tube, in contrast to a vasectomy that can be difficult to reverse.

    The Chinese medics have patented the technique and are waiting for approval from the National Food and Drug Administration. It could be made available to the public as early as next year.

    Zhu Jiaming, the vice-president of the Guangzhou Sexology Association, explained: ‘The success rate for this form of birth control is 97 per cent.’

    However, Wu Weixiong, the director of the Family Planning Technology Centre, had some words of warning, saying: ‘It is very difficult and requires highly skilled doctors.’

    The only obstacle, then? Getting your boyfriend to agree to it.

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