Don’t ignore vaginal dryness: meet the hormone-free cream helping you maintain a healthy down under

We need to talk about vaginal dryness.

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The all-too-common issue down under is so much of a taboo that, when it comes time to undertake the embarrassing task of asking the pharmacist for a suitable treatment, probably has you wondering whether it’s better to just grin and bear it.

But take our word for it: it isn’t.

From your sex life to your overall health and wellbeing, maintaining a healthy genital area is a non-negotiable. So why are we still so reluctant to talk about it?

What causes vaginal dryness?

A problem that can plague every woman at some point in her life, vaginal dryness can be caused by a multitude of things – from undergoing a hysterectomy, to certain medications and the menopause.

When these things cause a change in your hormone levels, it can affect how much vaginal discharge or fluid you have, and/or lead to problems including a feeling of dryness and itching in your vagina and the external intimate area, and even uncomfortable sex.

So when we say that vaginal dryness isn’t worth ignoring, we really mean it isn’t worth ignoring. Luckily, in the year of 2021, we have some of the best treatments for maintaining a healthy genital area right at our fingertips.

How can I treat vaginal dryness?

The first hormone-free cream for vaginal dryness, Dr. Wolff´s Vagisan Moisturising Cream alleviates unpleasant symptoms like burning, itching and pain caused by vaginal dryness, and even helps with pain during sex.

Unlike other products for vaginal dryness, it’s a cream and not a gel, meaning it has the dual effect of providing both moisture, thanks to its high water content, and soothing lipids (fats) for when your vagina really needs it.

Its lack of hormones (oestrogens) means this versatile cream can be used together with hormone replacement therapy, or be alternated with hormone-based vaginal creams or pessaries. It’s also suitable for women who are breastfeeding, and those who are not allowed to, or prefer not to, take oestrogens.

Not only that, but the pH of the cream is adjusted to a value of 4.5, thanks to the addition of a lactic acid/lactate buffer system. A pH-value of 4.5 corresponds to the pH of a healthy vagina of a woman in her reproductive ages.

Oh and did we mention that it can be obtained with or without a prescription?

Scientifically proven, the cream can be used inside the vagina with the help of an applicator, or on the external genital area. It can even be applied before sex to alleviate any dryness.

How do you apply it, you ask?

Well, it couldn’t be simpler. For use inside the vagina, fill the applicator included half full with the cream and apply into the vagina (preferably before bed) up to once daily. If it’s the external genital area or vaginal opening area you’re caring for, you can apply the cream directly, several times per day as needed.

To find out more, and to try it out for yourself, visit Dr. Wolff´s Vagisan website.

Dr. Wolff´s Vagisan products are available at Boots and other pharmacies.

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