How to sell your car for what it’s actually worth

Don't want to lose money when selling your car? *Lisa, a marketer from London, reveals how she sold her hybrid for over £13,000 more than she expected

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Let’s face it, selling a car kind of sucks. It’s a long, drawn-out process – that adds nothing but stress to our already hectic lives. It’s no surprise, then, that people selling their cars in the UK generally don’t get their money’s worth.

According to research by Motorway, 65% of car sellers in the UK accept that they will lose money on quick sales. They’d rather just get the deed done, even if it means accepting less (sometimes thousands) than they could get through a fair deal.

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*Lisa, a driver in London, discovered a unique avenue that managed to make her £13,600 more than what a dealership had offered her before – and 9% more than another car sales website. Have you heard of Motorway?

Despite *Lisa’s 18-month-old hybrid Porsche being in pristine condition, a Mercedes dealership offered her an amount well below market value, around £53,000. They even went as far to say that she’d struggle to find a better deal. After this, she received a guaranteed quote of £61,000 from WeBuyAnyCar.

When Lisa listed her car on Motorway, where over 5,000 verified dealers compete to buy privately owned vehicles, she was pleasantly surprised. By setting a reserve price of £61,000 for her car's online sale, she managed to sell it for over £66,500!

"I was amazed by the price difference between the dealership and Motorway. I expected maybe a couple of thousand more, but £13k exceeded my wildest expectations. I've always taken great care of my cars and believed that should be reflected in their sale value.

I've also been conditioned to believe that cars instantly lose thousands in value as soon as you buy them. Seeing what I got for my car on Motorway has changed my perspective. I've been recommending it to all my friends; I can hardly believe it.

I'll use the money for the deposit on my next car, which has saved me a lot of trouble. Finances are tight these days, so getting the most out of my old car was essential."

Despite the UK's used-car market generating an annual average of £80 billion, many sellers settle for less due to the misconception that cars inevitably depreciate. Over 1-in-3 admit to being intimidated by haggling, which prevents them from getting the best deal for their car. Another 27% said they didn't negotiate for a lower price, while 23% cited social anxiety as the reason for not attempting to bargain for a higher figure.

Convenience and ease are crucial when it comes to selling your car. Many sellers turn to instant buyers, local dealers, or quick private sales on classifieds marketplaces.

Motorway's extensive network of over 5,000 verified dealers ensures that motorists don't have to compromise on time, price, or convenience when selling their cars. Since the process is 100% online, you can sell your car quickly, from the comfort of your own home.

How Motorway works

For an instant, free valuation for your car, just enter your registration and mileage on the Motorway website. Assuming your car's in good condition, you can instantly see what it's worth on the marketplace.

Motorway provides accurate and reliable valuations backed by legitimate data, including daily bids and sales from dealers on the website. If you want to list your car, you don't even need a laptop. Just use your phone to answer a few questions about its model, history, and condition, and add a few photos to your profile. If your car's financed, make sure you have a valid settlement letter from your lender, and you're ready to go.

Once the sale is finalised, you'll receive the best price offered for your car. If you accept, all that's left to do is set up a free home collection, no matter where your dealer is located within the UK. It might sound too easy, but that's the beauty of it.

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When you sell your car on Motorway, verified dealers compete to give you the best price. Curious to see what your car could fetch today? Visit the website for a free, instant valuation.

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