Waterhouse Young Clinic launches

Waterhouse Young Clinic opens on Harley Street with new VISIA technology

If you’ve considered skimping on the SPF this summer, the latest developments in skin-reading technology might just change your mind.

Harley Street newcomer The Waterhouse Young Clinic (brainchild of renowned cosmetic surgeons Norman Waterhouse and Richard Young) has launched onto the scene with a revolutionary skin analysis machine, VISIA.

The skin-reading gadget takes a snapshot of your face and uses it to produce an accurate image of how your skin will age – think pigmentation, wrinkles and sun spots.


Sounds scary? Perhaps, but it’s worth biting the bullet – WYC’s consultants use results to develop a bespoke skin care program that will focus on problem areas before it’s too late.

Treatments offered are pleasingly results-driven yet non-invasive, and you’ll leave inspired to up the ante with your skincare.

This is, quite literally, the future of skin care. Time to get trigger happy.


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