Meet AlumierMD’s New Smooth & Hydrate Kit: when embracing skincare and self-care delivers visible results

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AlumierMD Smooth & Hydrate
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Skin has its own ecosystem of bacteria and fungi that keep it hydrated, bright and balanced. The trouble is, many of our lifestyle choices impact our skin and how well it functions. So we can invest in the most high-tech serums and creams, but stress and poor habits can still mean our complexions are persistently suffering.

The quality of our skin can be a reflection of what is happening within our body including gut health, hormones, blood sugar levels and other body systems,” says Rachael Irwin, an aesthetic nurse practitioner at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic. 

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Conversely, when we routinely invest time in self-care and feel healthy, it positively affects our skin and how we look. Our self-worth improves and our complexion radiates an enviable glow that in itself boosts our mood. “Maintaining mental wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle and diet are crucial factors that can contribute to better and long-lasting aesthetic results,” says Irwin. 

Investing in a personalised treatment plan of medical-grade products is also key to positively affecting the skin. AlumierMD is the fastest growing professionally-dispensed skincare brand in Europe (Kline Report, 2021) – and with good reason. The range of award-winning products contains bio-available actives formulated at clinically proven concentrations to revitalise the skin.

AlumierMD’s approach to beauty is also what sets it apart. The brand is pioneering medical-grade skincare as part of your wellness toolkit in order to maximise the aesthetic results. “Skincare isn't only about visible results, it can make you feel good inside and out,” says Irwin, adding that the new AlumierMD Smooth & Hydrate Kit is her go-to. “Perhaps you want to improve your confidence by revitalising and smoothing your skins texture with the MicroDerm Polish. Or you may want to take a moment and destress in whatever way works for you while hydrating your skin with the Aqua Infusion Mask.”

Everything you need to know about the AlumierMD Smooth & Hydrate Kit

It’s all about elevating the results. If you’re searching for a skincare routine that works on all skin types and tones, and targets concerns including blemishes, discolourations, redness-prone skin and early signs of ageing, look no further than the AlumierMD Smooth & Hydrate Kit. Packaged in a gift box, the kit contains the MicroDerm Polish and Aqua Infusion Mask alongside a sustainable bamboo cloth.

But don't just take our word for it, in a study of 30 people, after just one application 85% of people felt more confident in their skin with all of the patients reporting feeling more excited about their skin.

What is the MicroDerm Polish and how does it benefit the skin?

If we don’t regularly exfoliate, we can accumulate dead skin cells. These can lead to rough, congested skin where wrinkles and patches of discolouration look worse and sebum can often become trapped in the skin, causing pimples. To address the issue of under-exfoliating, AlumierMD’s game-changing MicroDerm Polish, brings professional-level microdermabrasion to your bathroom.

The environmentally-friendly exfoliating beads are made up of 100% natural powdered silica and biodegradable jojoba esters. A machine has made each bead perfectly spherical, ensuring that it is the sheer volume of beads in the formula, not any sharp particles, that creates the exfoliating action. These beads work closely with fruit acids in the grapefruit peel extract, which deep clean pores, while glycerin, a powerful humectant, allows the skin to retain moisture. Simply put, this clever form of multi-dimensional exfoliation delivers all of the grit, but none of the scratch.

You can also use the MicroDerm Polish in a multitude of different ways depending on what your skin needs on the day. You can mix the formula with water to improve the hydrating power of glycerin. Or use it dry to maximise exfoliation and the ability of the grapefruit extract to mop up excess oil and ease congestion. Similarly, you can apply it dry and then add water for the best of both worlds. 

In a study of 37 people (in partnership with LAterlier Aesthetics on London’s Harley Street) patients reported an 82% improvement in clarity, 83% improvement in smoothness and a 95% improvement in radiance after just one application.

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What is the Aqua Infusion Mask and how does it benefit the skin?

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as applying an intensely hydrating face mask to parched skin. The Aqua Infusion Mask is oil-free, making it exceptionally good at refreshing and plumping up all skin types, including those prone to breakouts. It works by naturally increasing the skins ability to retain moisture with a complex of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, natural moisturising factors (NMFs) and sugars, identical to those found in your skin. Together they prevent moisture evaporation and rebuild the skin’s barrier function.

Without a doubt, the star ingredient in the Aqua Infusion Mask is the innovative low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. With age, the skin loses its natural reserves of hyaluronic acid, which makes skincare containing this ingredient all the more appealing. Unlike conventional hyaluronic acid, which tends to sit on top of the skin due to its large size, the low molecular weight hyaluronic acid in the Aqua Infusion Mask is small enough to penetrate the skin’s lower layers. From there it travels to where it’s needed most to support, firm and hydrate skin to a professional standard.

Sea whip and a host of other plant extracts also soothe redness-prone skin, ensuring the Aqua Infusion Mask leaves skin feeling dewy, radiant and ready for anything. 

How to buy AlumierMD skincare

AlumierMD products can only be purchased following a skincare consultation with one of the brand’s licensed professionals. This reflects not only the power and potency of the products but also ensures that you have a customised regime that achieves swift, long-lasting results in line with your skin concerns and aesthetic aspirations.

A limited range of products can also be purchased via the new Connect to Buy feature. This functionality gives you the ability to connect with a professional through the clinic locator and instantly buy a selection of home care products, prior to a consultation. You will have access to this limited range of products until they have completed a consultation where they will then be able to purchase products such as retinol and salicylic acid-based formulas.

You can purchase the Smooth & Hydrate kit prior to receiving a consultation through ‘Connect to Buy’. Once you've tried, book on for a consultation to unlock the full powerful range. Find your local clinic to book an AlumierMD consultation by typing in your postcode and selecting an AlumierMD professional

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