Here’s how you can spruce up your thirst quenchers this summer

In partnership with Bottlegreen

Do you ever find yourself dreaming about the weekend after a long week in the office or fantasising about a minibreak during a lunchtime walk? Sometimes life can get a little repetitive, that’s why we all need a little sensory stimulation to excite the everyday. Next time you reach for your water why not inject it with a little magic by pouring in a dash of Bottlegreen cordial?

The iconic cordial is available in a variety of delicious flavours, meaning you can mix it up according to your mood. You might be tempted to light up the BBQ and dine alfresco with a Summer Raspberry cordial infused gin and tonic, or perhaps bask on the beach with some steel drums playing in the background after a swig of a Ginger and Lemongrass cordial spritzer. While the fresh flavours of the Pomegranate and Elderflower cordial will make you yearn for spring and imagine the feel of grass through your toes and a warm breeze through your hair. 

Bottlegreen began when husband and wife Kit and Shireen, started harvesting their own elderflower from a tree on their doorstep over 30 years ago.  Inspired by their background in wine making, the imaginative duo wanted to create a refreshing beverage that could be enjoyed with or without alcohol, while never compromising on quality. 

A lot has changed since then though, Kit and Shireen’s garden inspired operation may have gone global, but it hasn’t impacted their passion for local ingredients. All Bottlegreen cordials and pressés are still made with the spring water onsite at the Cotswolds mill where it all began.

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But cordials aren’t just for livening up your water, unleash your inner mixologist and spice up your evening cocktail. Make your cider a little more exciting by adding a dash of Bottlegreen Ginger and Lemongrass cordial or if you fancy something a little more indulgent, why not knock up a Black Forest Gateau martini by combining Bottlegreen Blackberry, Apple and Sloe Gin cordial with espresso, Kirsch and of course the all important chocolate spread.  

Not thirsty? No problem. The cordials can double as an alternative to sugars and syrups to add some flavour to your food. You can add a dash of the Pomegranate and Elderflower cordial to your morning porridge and at dinner time, why not add a drizzle of Ginger and Lemongrass to make a fragrant asian-inspired marinade for salmon or chicken.

The possibilities are endless and you can sleep easy knowing that every bottle is made from 75 percent recycled material and is 100 percent recyclable. If you fancy turning your hand to a spot of upcycling, they also double as a statement candle holder or vase. Nifty!

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