The Pill available online

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  • The Pill to be available online from today through officially-sanctioned website

    The contraceptive pill we be available to buy online from today through an officially-sanctioned UK website.

    A private company, DrThom, is set to offer the Pill to women over the age of 18 who have taken it before and then plans to offer the contraceptive to new patients in the future.

    Dr Thomas Van Every, Medical Director at DrThom, explained the decision saying: ‘The aim of our new contraceptive service is to make it easier and more convenient for women throughout the UK to get access to the pill.

    ‘Our specialist service is ideal for a woman living a long way from her GP or a woman who is too busy because of work or childcare to take the time to visit her GP.’

    In order to make use of the new online service, women must register on the DrThom website and answer an online questionnaire about their general health and previous use of the Pill. Those who have never used the contraceptive before must give detailed information about their blood pressure.

    The new service has prompted concern from some experts who fear without physical checks on a patient’s blood pressure, weight and medical history, patients could be at risk of difficulties. Further worries of underage girls lying about their age to gain access to the Pill have also emerged.

    Kate Guthrie, representing the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) said of the decision: ‘In principle we are all for it, providing there are sufficient build-in safety checks. But the two big problems are; how are the health checks, particularly blood pressure done, and are you giving the pills to who you think you are.’

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