Pot-roasted pork with garlic and fennel seeds

Organic beauty entrepreneur and original rock'n'roll party queen Jo Wood shares the recipe for her delicious pot-roasted pork

Pot Roast Pork
Pot Roast Pork

Organic beauty entrepreneur and original rock'n'roll party queen Jo Wood shares the recipe for her delicious pot-roasted pork

This dish is best cooked on the stove to ensure the meat is really tender and moist. Ask your local butcher to skin and bone a good shoulder of pork for you. Serves 12.


1 shoulder of pork, skinned and boned Salt and freshly ground black pepper 125g butter 3 bulbs of garlic, cut in half horizontally 50g fennel seeds Zest of 4 lemons 4 litres milk, warmed with sprig of rosemary 400g baby carrots, whole 400g parsnips, peeled and cut to the same size as the baby carrots 400g potatoes, cut for roasting Sprig of fresh thyme A little olive oil


1. Season the pork on the fatty side and place fat-side down in a suitable-sized pan on a low heat. Gradually build up the heat so there is some rendering of the fat; it should start colouring during this time.

2. After about 25 minutes, the fat should have turned a deep golden colour. Turn the shoulder over and cook the other side until it is the same colour. Remove from the pan and leave it to rest.

3. Pour out the melted fat, then place the pan back on the heat and add the butter. When melted, add the garlic, fennel seeds and lemon zest. Gently fry these ingredients for five minutes.

4. Return the pork to the pan, increase the heat and pour one litre of warm milk over it. Allow the milk to bubble and foam, then place a lid on top of the pan. Keep the pan covered to prevent the meat from drying out but, every now and then, let a bit of steam escape so it doesn't boil over. Baste the meat every 10 minutes, adding a little warm milk each time. When the milk is used up, keep basting with the juices in the pan. Cook the pork like this for 4 hours, ensuring it doesn't dry out.

5. About 1½ hours before the meat is ready, place the carrots, parsnips and potatoes together in a roasting dish with some thyme and season well. Drizzle olive oil over the top and roast in a preheated oven at gas mark 6/ 200°C/400°F.

6. You'll know the pork is ready when you can cut the meat with a spoon. Spoon it out on to warmed plates and arrange the roasted vegetables alongside. Drizzle cooking juices over the pork and serve the remainder with it.

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