The best anklets to wear no matter the season

The anklet is back. In a big way. Originally a trend of the early 2000s, it enjoyed a resurrection last summer, thanks to everyone’s love affair with shell jewellery.

There wasn’t a single fashion insider who went on holiday without her trusted pukka shell anklet, and soon it became an everyday staple too, even in winter, paired with trainers or mules.

This season, whilst shells are still around, the anklet has been given a decidedly more luxe makeover. If you love layering gold necklaces, you’ll be happy to hear it’s all about layering gold anklets now.

Designers like Alighieri and Anissa Kermiche are taking the delicate approach with delicate gold chains adorned with roman coins or pearls for that wanderlust factor.

Speaking of pearls, they are going nowhere this season, and whether you’re after a single delicate one or a pearl chain, then anyone can pull off this trend.

However, if your tastes veer more towards the classics, oversized chains have also made a comeback. And don’t let my love for all things gold fool you, there are plenty of great silver options out there, for example by Maria Black or Cornelia Webb.

As for how to style them, there are no rules. Fans of symmetry can happily wear the same anklet on each side, though I myself love mixing and matching. At the moment I’m layering a fine pearl Anni Lu anklet with an Alighieri gold coin one, though as long as you’re mixing textures and sizes then anything goes.

Shop my edit of the best anklets for all budgets below.

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