How to get the most beautiful smile in 5 simple steps

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Discover the power of the smile

Smiling is hugely underrated. When a person smiles, it lights up the face. A smile shows joy, it shows unparalleled happiness and it shoots down darkness. That’s why Oral-B has collaborated with the influencer Estée Lalonde on the #nofiltersmile campaign to promote confidence in showing the world your true self.

Here are our tips to make sure your smile is the brightest you can give.

Beauty vlogger Estée Lalonde is the face of Oral-B’s #nofiltersmile campaign

Plump the pout

There’s nothing more unsightly than chapped lips, so make sure you apply a conditioning lip balm regularly. This will give your lips their natural plumping effect. If you need an extra moisture boost, why not try a lip mask? It’s like a sheet mask for the lips that leaves them super hydrated.

Whiten with trust

Oral-B’s 3D White Whitening Therapy Enamel Care is an award-winning toothpaste that removes surface stains and strengthens and nourishes enamel. It’s the Oscar-winner of the dental world.

Prime and line

Cher Webb, make-up artist and Marie Claire’s make-up master, says: ‘To keep your lipstick on for the duration, make sure you apply a lip primer. It prevents feathering and creates the perfect base. Then apply a lip liner or pencil all over. This will help lock in the shade plus the lipstick and liner will gradually come off together.’

Be picky

Webb also recommends that you choose lipsticks with blue and violet undertones, ‘as they make your pearly whites look super gleaming and enhance the brightness. Avoid lipsticks with warm orange tones. Rich satin or semi-matte are one of the most wearable formulas – they glide on and make lips look plump and never dry.’

The rule of thumb

‘To prevent lipstick getting on your teeth, there’s the classic thumb trick. After lipstick application, pop your thumb into your mouth with your mouth closed,’ explains Webb. ‘Twist it round and any excess lipstick will be removed.’

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