Lorde Really Isn’t Into Photoshop, OK?

Singer Lorde was given a 'new nose' by a magazine...

Lorde really hates retouched images. Got it?

In round two of her fight against photo editing, the singer called out a magazine, for which she’d recently done a shoot, where they appear to have given her a different nose.

She wrote on Twitter along with the photo of her: ‘Apart from the fact that i’m pretty sure this magazine gave me a new nose (:|), i really like this photo.’

You’ll remember that this isn’t the first time Lorde has spoken out about the use of retouching. Earlier this month she shared two pictures of from the same concert, one which showed her with perfect skin and the other with a few visible spots.

‘I find this curious,’ she wrote. ‘Two photos from today, one edited so my skin is perfect and one real. Remember flaws are OK :-).’

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