What your top 9 photos of the year say about you

This article is created in partnership with App Toro

Woman holding fire sparkler
Woman holding fire sparkler
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This article is created in partnership with App Toro

As the year draws to an end, it’s the perfect time for reflection. Arguably, there is no better record of our 2021 highlights than the most popular content we posted to Instagram. And thanks to various studies, we now know that the photos we post could say a lot about us. 

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Now you’ve got your top posts in one place, what do the images say about you? After digesting the science on the matter, we’ve broken it down into four key personas. 

Young romantic couple standing face to face at beach against clear sky during sunset

The love addict 

If you’re always posting photos of your other half, it could be a sign that you’re insecure about your relationship or trying to mask any issues. And watch out for the captions too — researchers from Harvard note that using words like "bae" or "my girl" could be a sign of possessiveness. 

Girl dressed smartly at a posh event

The pristine poser 

Are all your photos perfectly framed? Are you immaculately made up in every selfie, and do you exclusively post about more “mature” activities (afternoon tea anyone)? This could be a sign that you prize orderliness and self-discipline, according to Harvard researchers. 

Young female athetes taking selfies in gym

The gym bunny 

If most of your photos are gym selfies, scientists from Brunel University have suggested this could be a sign of narcissism. The researchers wrote: “Narcissists more frequently updated about their achievements, which was motivated by their need for attention”.

Backpacker at Sekumpul waterfall in north Bali

The braggy traveller 

If holiday snaps dominate your Top 9, it could be a sign that you crave validation. You might be missing hanging out with your pals, but you’re not going to let them forget about you — or the fact you’re having way more fun than them. 

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