Here’s how smart tech can up your hosting game for 2024

Smart tech parties are on the ‘in list’ this year

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Now the January reset has come around once again, we can finally recharge after some serious hosting. Gaggles of little ones running around, extended family members to feed, squabbling over the TV remote – managing a home full of guests isn’t easy. In the post-yuletide calm, why not think about how to make hosting easier for yourself in 2024? From intimate get-togethers to casual drinks to games nights and sit-down dinners, 2024 is the year you get your hosting down to a tee.

To get the ball rolling, let’s talk about tech. I see entertaining guests and giving endless house tours as being the perfect opportunity for me to show off my well-connected smart home this year. 

I’ve been a smart home convert for a while now, still getting a thrill from being able to control my lights, heating and locks with just a voice command or a quick press in the app. And don’t even get me started on my automated settings - with the blinds automatically shutting and the lights coming on as it starts to go dark, and my door unlocking itself as I walk up the drive.

However, it’s when I’m entertaining that I tend to rely on my smart gadgets the most. Functioning as both a time saver and a party trick, I can change the colours of the lights in different rooms to give them different vibes and of course play my new favourite songs through every speaker in the house - all from my phone.

It really is the gift that keeps on giving when I’m playing the perfect host - entertaining my guests, whilst allowing me to enjoy the party.


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Get Connected

Getting connected is essential, and thankfully pretty straight forward, allowing us hosts to focus our energy on the actual party, and limit the time spent setting up the tech. Smart devices will link to most voice assistants, so it doesn’t even matter whether you use Amazon, Google or Apple to control your devices.

The one essential part of the process is a strong internet connection to make sure all of your devices can get online and communicate with each other. My choice? EE’s Smart Hub Plus - it’s easy to set up, provides super-fast Full Fibre broadband, and has a strong enough signal for all of my smart gadgets - and I have a lot. There’s even enough for my guests too, with EE’s Full Fibre able to handle up to 190 devices. That’s all you need to get connected - it really is that simple.

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Time to celebrate

Once you’re connected, it’s time to relax - whether that’s a dinner with a curated playlist or a gathering with atmospheric smart lighting controlled by your phone. And if you really want to show off your smart technology, nothing beats a BAFTA winning movie night screened to your 4K TV, featuring cinema-quality sound and background lighting.

I often get smart recommendations from friends looking to upgrade their tech, and my first piece of advice is always the same - get on EE’s Full Fibre plan. Once you’ve done that, the possibilities are endless.

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