Slow Beauty: How to maximise beauty, health and wellbeing at home.

#LiseOfLife is about the beauty rituals, intentions and wholesome food choices that nourish the body and feed the soul.

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It’s about mind, body and spirit living in harmony, hand-in-hand with nature and taking a few moments each day to practice mindful self-care and wellness. Radiant beauty is not a quick fix, I believe the key lies in these five lifestyle practises:

Make a good nights sleep a priority

Sleeping well determines energy levels, and therefore food choices. I make sure I have at least eight hours of good, quality sleep, avoiding late-night snacks and with no tech in my bedroom.

Make early mornings about “me time”

I love looking after myself before my daughter wakes up. I get straight into my #LiseOfLife stretch routine that gives me a sense of calm and routine, at the same time as toning and lengthening my body.

Choose healthy hair products

Having a good hair day is top of my list for feeling confident and self-assured. I believe that choosing products like Schwarzkopf Color Expert Permanent Hair Colours* that are good for hair health is crucial. The permanent colouration with hyaluronic acid, known for its hydrating properties, and OMEGAPLEX not only helps to protect from damage, but cares for the hair during and after colouring. Always do an allergy alert test 48h before colouring and follow the instructions carefully. Schwarzkopf Color Expert is available in 16 stunning shades from black, intense red, rich brunettes, and blonde shades. All shades offering perfect grey coverage and natural, long-lasting results.

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Take a good quality probiotic

This makes a noticeable difference to bloating, stomach pain and acid that is caused by stress. About 95% of serotonin receptors are found in the lining of the gut so probiotics are now being looked at to treat anxiety and depression. I also try to to eat probiotic-rich foods most days such as sauerkraut. I appreciate, respect and savour the food I eat which is vegan, mostly organic and all home-cooked with nutritional benefits.

Challenge yourself physically

I get out the door before 9am return feeling a sense of achievement and energised for the rest of the day. Exercise is a very effective way of managing stress, as it produces hormones that help elevate mood and helps me feel more relaxed. And being around green spaces really boosts our sense of wellbeing.

I invest in my skincare and don’t expect instant results

I add an element of luxury into cleaning and moisturising routine by taking an extra couple of minutes to slow my breathing and massage an aromatic cleansing balm into my face to stimulate circulation.

Pamper to release endorphins

One of the most effective #LiseOfLife tips to boost mood while streamlining the body is with a weekly ritual of soaking in magnesium bath salts. Blood flow is stimulated, helping to eliminate toxins and excess fluid. I also find relaxing in a salt bath for 20 minutes is a spiritual experience—no stress, no worries and submerged in oceanic compounds that regulate the nervous system and calm my mind. This is also a great time to use a hair mask, like the Schwarzkopf Color Expert Colour Sealer Treatment. The product contains OMEGAPLEX Professional Anti-Breakage Technology that works to lock-in colour and helps to strengthen your hair’s micro-bonds. Apply to wet hair when in the bath and let the treatment do its magic before washing off.

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