Move into the world of cyber security, build a future and make a difference

Start a career in cyber security, a dynamic and supportive industry that works around your schedule

cyber security careers
(Image credit: SANS)

Have you considered securing a job that offers you the opportunity to have a meaningful impact while setting flexible hours? Cyber security is a hugely exciting career that helps connect people through technology while keeping businesses safe.

This highly rewarding and flexible industry is perfect for people of all career backgrounds looking to change careers and make a difference every day. From banking to transport, and energy to the public sector, cyber security professionals help protect information and systems across a variety of industries, against online threats. With technology like the internet and mobile phones a fundamental part of modern life and developing all the time, cyber security is more important than ever before.    

HM Government has partnered with SANS to deliver the Upskill in Cyber programme, which provides participants with the skills to start a career in cyber security. This free initiative is in its second phase, with graduates using their in-demand skill sets to build a well-balanced and flexible career around what matters to them.

Isabel from Broadstairs joined the programme last year. She retrained and started a new career in cyber security at a leading UK university in just three months. Isabel had worked in a managerial role within the hospitality sector but was unemployed when she decided to apply to the programme. She had always had a keen interest in computers and IT but lack of time and finances had prevented her from retraining in the past. The free Upskill in Cyber programme, which provided the opportunity for rapid reskilling, came at an opportune time for Isabel.

“I was having a bit of a career crisis and had been wanting to get into IT for a while, but didn’t know how. The Upskill in Cyber programme came along at the perfect time, opening the door to a career in cyber security. It’s a rapidly growing field and I find my job hugely rewarding because I feel I’m helping make a real difference in people’s lives.” 

cyber security careers

(Image credit: SANS)

Isabel completed the Upskill in Cyber programme, securing two globally recognised certifications while on the scheme and now works as a service desk analyst at a UK university.  

Similarly, Karly-Jade from Swindon was also looking for a career change and wanted to do something that made a difference. Having studied International Development at university, with her dissertation on gender inequality, she wanted to inspire other women to help with the current cyber skills shortage. Karly-Jade also enjoyed the flexibility offered while working in a constantly evolving sector. 

“There’s a huge range of jobs in cyber security with more and more companies needing help to get cyber secure…The training was really interesting, and the variety of study methods available on the SANS platform meant I could study while travelling – I listened to the audio clips in the car and read or watched the content on my laptop or phone on the go.”  

cyber security careers

(Image credit: SANS)

During the programme, Karly-Jade had the opportunity to meet with hiring organisations and receive support to improve her CV and prepare for interviews. “This led to me being successful in a three-stage practical interview process and I received a job offer after only a few weeks of being on the programme…Making the career change to work in cyber security is the best thing I have ever done, and I love my role. I enjoy investigating security alerts and giving our customers advice to prevent and resolve cyber security breaches.”

Minister for Science, Innovation, and Technology, Viscount Camrose, said, “The UK is rapidly establishing itself as a world leader in cyber security, and ensuring people have the skills they need to access jobs in the industry is key to cementing and expanding that reputation.” 

“The Upskill in Cyber programme lets us do exactly that – removing knowledge and skills barriers for aspiring cyber security professionals, and supporting them into the exciting new careers which fuel innovation, drive growth and protect our economy.” 

Building a career in cyber security can be a fulfilling journey, and aspiring professionals do not have to go through it alone. Applications for Upskill in Cyber are open until 26 June 2023. 

If you’re interested in jump-starting your career in cyber security and want to learn more about the Upskill in Cyber programme

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