Packing planet-friendly vegan protein on the go is as easy as this

The incredible science behind the world’s first vegan protein peptide gel by elénzia

elénzia PROTEIN™
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Whoever said that getting enough protein while having a plant-based diet can be a challenge might want to take a seat, because elénzia PROTEIN™, is the ultimate vegan protein source. Whether you’re vegan, flexitarian, or just interested in a supplement that’s good for you and the planet - here’s why elénzia PROTEIN™ needs to be on your radar ASAP.

The world’s first vegan protein peptide gel is the most efficient source of the essential macronutrient on the go. Better still, this innovative supplement provides more protein per gram than any other plant protein on the market. 

The gel comes in convenient sachets, meaning there’s no need to measure anything out. All you have to do is choose from two flavours that are filled with nutritional benefits - minus any allergens. 


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Add a little extra oomf with either Vanilla Blueberry or Chocolate Hazelnut Créme, which can be mixed with water, smoothies, added as breakfast toppings or consumed directly from the sachet.

Family-led brand house elénzia was founded with the vision to provide exclusive and innovative solutions for health, beauty, and wellness that are scientifically proven to work. Science, efficacy, and wellness are their DNA - as reflected by this exciting new product which helps you help yourself to keep in tip-top shape. 

Having enough protein is a vital element of keeping your body strong and healthy, after all. According to the British Nutrition Foundation, protein is a macronutrient that’s essential for the human body’s growth, repair, and maintenance - especially for bones and muscles. 

elénzia PROTEIN™

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The world’s first vegan protein peptide gel, elénzia PROTEIN™ is a no-brainer for a plant-based protein hit. Containing hydrolyzed rice and pea protein that has been pre-broken down into peptides, making 100% protein absorption possible. That’s 30% improvement on the 70% average absorption rate of the market-leading protein products. 

The combination of pea and rice protein delivers a full amino acid profile matching animal protein. Formulated with essential micronutrients, to ensure that you supply your body with the building blocks it needs to control hunger, improve recovery, sustain energy, and thrive.

elénzia PROTEIN™

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Speaking of thriving, elénzia is giving the opportunity for three lucky UK based competition winners to get their hands on a 6 month subscription of elénzia PROTEIN™ in the flavour of their choice. For your chance to win this prize, worth a stonking £330, answer the following question. T's & C's apply*

How many grams of protein does elénzia PROTEIN™ contain?

*Prize entries from 12am on 20/02/2023 - 20/03/2023 until 12am GMT.

*Prize entries from 12am on 20/02/2023 - 20/03/2023 until 12am GMT.


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