Is This £45 Body Lotion The Secret To Kim Kardashian’s Body In THAT Photoshoot?

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  • Kim Kardashian has revealed some of the beauty tricks that helped her achieve those now famous shots for Paper Magazine

    Perhaps the only thing people are talking about more than Kim Kardashian getting naked for Paper Magazine, is whether or not she had a little help from PhotoShop.

    Well apparently the answer is no. Mickey Bourdman, the Editorial Director of Paper spoke to E! (Home of Keeping Up With The Kardashians) to set the record straight and revealed that that derrière is pure Kim. ‘That is all 100 percent Kim Kardashian,’ he said. ‘It defies gravity, but I saw it with my own eyes. It literally is all Kim Kardashian.’

    However, some retouching was used ‘to clean it up and make it look as good as it can for a magazine cover.’ Bourdman said, ‘We did not create a body. We did not shave pounds of her waist. That is who she is. That’s what she looks like. That’s why she’s a superstar.’ So now you know.

    Kim has also revealed the surprisingly affordable beauty secrets behind that killer body – and they might surprise you. In separate interview, Kim gave her number one rule for total body confidence: ‘Tanning is everything, I tan all the time and I do the beds because I have psoriasis so it really helps with that. I just think when you tan, it makes you look so much skinnier.’ We recommend you opt for something safer, and try one of our favourite fake tans.

    Kim also said coconut oil and avocado oil help to keep her skin and hair in tip top condition, but it was Charlotte Tilbury’s Supermodel Body that Kim credited with keeping those curves in check. Describing the £45 lotion as ‘legendary’, the reality TV star said that she uses this product to cheat the effects of the gym.

    Infused with something called FermiProtect – an extract from wild shitake that protects collagen – Supermodel Body promises to make skin look and feel firmer and more toned. Precious metals also mimic Charlotte’s secret trick of highlighting the arms and legs to make them appear long and lean. Caffeine detoxes the skin and helps to reduce and prevent cellulite, making this an all round wonder product that the stars love. Could Supermodel Body do for you what it did for Kim Kardashian?

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