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Plan International
We have teamed up with Plan International UK, a global children’s charity who work to give every child the same chance in life.
In every child there’s a spark of imagination, curiosity and ambition. But not every child is born with the same opportunities. When you face poverty or violence the odds are stacked against you. When you’re a girl it’s even harder to be safe, be in school and be in charge of your body.
All children deserve an education, health care and clean water.
All children deserve the chance to thrive.
Plan International UK are fighting so every child, especially every girl, knows their value. They are fighting so the communities they’re growing up in – and the world around them – value them too. And if disaster strikes they are there to protect children, keep them learning and help them recover. Plan International UK work to give every child, every chance and we here at the Marie Claire Edit are all for that. We have teamed up with Plan International UK to make a donation every year from the money made from the Marie Claire Edit.