VIDEO: Lindsay Lohan's dating ad

Lindsay Lohan mocks break-up with spoof dating video

Lindsay Lohan, E harmony, Celebrity News
Lindsay Lohan, E harmony, Celebrity News
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Lindsay Lohan mocks break-up with spoof dating video

Lindsay Lohan may have called her split from Samantha Ronson 'absolute hell,' but she's clearly seen the funny side of her new single status.

Making fun of her recent break-up, the actress has filmed a spoof eHarmony singles ads, posted online.

Speaking to the camera, she starts, 'Hi, my name is Lindsay and I am searching for love. I'm recently single... I think, and I am looking for someone who I can spend the rest of my life with - or at least the rest of my probation.'

Referring to her arrest for DUI, she continues, 'I would define my personality as creative, a bit of a night owl, a workaholic, a shopaholic and according to the State of California... an alcoholic, as well as a threat to all security guards if they work in hotels.'

Getting a dig in at her DJ ex, Lohan refers to rumours that Ronson attempted to get a restraining order against her: 'I am looking for a compatible mate who likes a night on the town as long as, he or she, is driving of course, likes ankle monitoring bracelets and doesn't have family members quick to issue restraining orders.

She ends the video reading an issue of US Weekly, which features her break-up on the cover, along with the tag line 'I am so alone.'

Concluding the ad she adds, 'We'll crash a few parties, a car or two but at the end of the day I promise you I never lose my Google hits. Just my underwear.'

Lindsay and Samantha ended their two-year relationship two weeks ago, when the Ronsons refused to let Lohan into a party they were holding in LA.

The actress later described the break-up as 'the worst night of my life.'

WATCH the full video below.


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