DNA test proves Jude is the daddy

Jude parties with old flame Sienna Miller as Samantha Burke confirms that Jude is the father of her newborn baby

Model and aspiring actress Samantha Burke, 24, has had a DNA test to prove that Jude Law is the father of her newborn baby girl, Sophia.

According to several sources Jude actually requested the test before agreeing to see Samantha and the baby because he wanted to be sure that he really was a father for the fourth time (Jude has three children with the actress Sadie Frost).

But the test has proved that he is indeed

the father of Sophia and Samantha hopes that this means Jude will become more involved in baby Sophia’s life.

Lawyers for Samantha released a statement recently saying: ‘Jude and Samantha remain committed to the health and well-being of this child, and appreciate your honoring her privacy during this special time.’

Jude had a brief fling with Samantha while filming Sherlock Holmes in New York.  Jude’s publicist has refused to comment other than saying, ‘We don’t discuss this. We consider it an entirely private matter.’

Meanwhile, back in New York, Jude and Sienna Miller have been to a party together…could this mean they’re back together? The party was thrown by their mutual friend Johnny Lee Miller for Jude’s dog Bess. Any excuse for a party, eh?


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